Crowd Pleaser · Gluten Free

Chicken-Wing Dip

This is a win at every party, event, gathering, you name it.  Your guests or your friend’s guests will be chomping at the bit asking you for the recipe!   I have been making this dip for years and honestly – no batch is ever exactly the same as the last.

What You Need:

4 Boneless Chicken Breasts
1 8oz block of cream cheese
1 8-9oz bag of shredded cheddar cheese
One Jar of Chunky Blue Cheese (I like to use Marie’s extra chunky)
One 12oz Bottle of Frank’s Red Hot Sauce
1 Tbsp Worcestershire Sauce
Blue Cheese Crumbles

What You Do:

Put all of the ingredients into a slow-cooker.  Cook on High for 4 hours or Low for 8 hours.  Once the time has expired, remove the chicken – shred it – and add it back into the mix.  Stir it all up and have a taste.  To mild for your liking? add more hot sauce. To hot for you? add more cream cheese, cheddar cheese, or blue!

Guarantee this dip won’t last long – so take a few bites for yourself before serving 😉

Serve with Tortilla chips, celery, crackers, or whatever your favorite dipping snack might be.

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