Appetizer · Crowd Pleaser

Pizza Logs

Football is back! Watch the game with some delicious and easy to prepare snacks. Pizza logs are a Buffalo tradition and sure to please everyone you share them with!

What You Need: 
Canola/Vegetable oil
Egg Roll Wraps
Marinara Sauce
Mozzarella string cheese


What To Do:
Put a little sauce, pepperoni, and a piece of string cheese in the egg roll wrap. Use water to wet the sides of the wrap, wrap it up and close it, brush again with water.  Do this repeatedly until you have your desired number of pizza logs.

If you have a deep fryer or air fryer – that’s great! If not, heat oil in a deep sauce pan until it sizzles to a drop of water. Fry your pizza logs until golden brown. Be careful – oil may splatter and it will be very hot.

Serve with side marinara sauce. Dip and Enjoy!


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