Appetizer · Gluten Free · Whole30 Compliant

Roasted Artichokes

Don’t mind my not so new pan. Each week, I receive a box of vegetables and fruits from a company called Hungry Harvest. I was nervous when I saw artichokes in my box for the week, never having made them before. However, I enjoy being forced into new challenges in the kitchen and so I did some googling and after reading some basic “how-to’s” on artichokes, I ultimately decided to roast the Artichokes.

What you need:

Garlic Cloves
Your favorite Spices


What to do:

1. Preheat oven to 400 degrees
2. Prepare the artichokes – cut off the top (about 1/3) of the artichoke and trip the tops of the leaves so that they are not pointed. With a spoon, remove the fuzzy part of the artichoke, creating a cavity. Cut the stem to about one inch and take a peeler, peeling a layer off of the stem. Rub with lemon so that the artichoke doesn’t brown.
3. Brush the Artichoke, both sides, with oil – making sure to get in between the leaves.
4. In the cavity, put in garlic and fresh spices of your choosing. On the outside of the artichoke, use salt, pepper, and any other spices you would like to use to flavor the artichoke. I used a mix of Italian Seasonings.
5. Roast the artichokes for 10-15 minutes, cut side down. Remove from oven, cover with foil and bake another 25-35 minutes.
6. Using the roasted garlic and fresh spices, you can make a dipping sauce for these guys! In a blender I put the following – roasted garlic and spices, basil, greek yogurt (plain)

Serve warm with the dipping sauce and you have an easy side to your dinner or yummy appetizer!

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